La vie à Clermont-Ferrand

Bonjour! Bienvenue to my blog – Isla in France! 🇫🇷

For my first post I thought it would be best to introduce myself a bit, as well as the small city in France I am living in until April – Clermont-Ferrand!

Je m’appelle Isla, j’ai vingt et un ans, et j’étudie le français et la psychologie à l’université de Strathclyde. After three years of studying, this year is my year abroad to really learn French before going back to uni for Honours year – eeek! Je travaille in Clermont-Ferrand as an English Language Assistant in trois écoles primaires. This is the perfect way for me to spend my year abroad because I would like to be a Primary Teacher in the future!

In Clermont, j’habite avec une fille française, qui s’appelle Juliette et a vingt-six ans, dans une colocation. Juliette a une petite chat qui s’appelle Pazu (ici à gauche!). I decided to live with somebody French to have as many opportunities to improve my French as possible. One of the areas I need to improve most is my pronunciation – I find that mon accent écossais is a lot more noticeable than it should be!



Clermont-Ferrand doesn’t have many direct transport links, but it does have direct train links with Paris and Lyon which are deux grandes villes in France. This makes it relatively easy to travel and see lots of France – something I hope to do lots of this year!!

La Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption

One of the things Clermont-Ferrand is best known for is its black Cathedral made out of volcanic ash.

Clermont-Ferrand is also surrounded by a volcanic chain of mountains called ‘Chaîne des Puys’. The most well known of these mountains is called le puy du Dôme.

Le travail

As I mentioned, je travaille as an English Language Assistant in trois écoles primaires. I work with three classes in each school, which range from CP-CM2.

CP – 6-7 years

CE1 – 7-8 years

CE2 – 8-9 years

CM1 – 9-10 years

CM2 – 10-11 years

Since the children I work with are jeune, classes involve very simple English vocabulary and phrases – and lots of games! Stay tuned for a later blog all about a typical work day …

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to me, ma petite ville, et mon travail. I have been living in Clermont-Ferrand for just over deux mois now, and I’m really enjoying experiencing French culture firsthand. I’m excited to share these experiences with all of you! To get to know you all a bit better, it would be great if you could respond in the comments to the following questions: Comment t’appelles tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? Feel free also to leave me any questions you may have!

As it is December tomorrow (Quoi?!) my next blog post will be on Noël en France! In the meantime, make sure to follow my instagram account I have specially created to share my travels with you guys – clermontoiseisla.

A bientôt tout le monde !

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