Au revoir Clermont-Ferrand !

Bonjour tout le monde ! J’espère que vous allez tous bien ! I’m writing this blog post pendant mes vacances where I am taking some time voyager around France before my visa runs out. I will of course share my travels with you in my 6th and final blog post, but before then I thought I would dedicate this post to saying goodbye to Clermont-Ferrand – the city I spent just under 7 months living and working in!

Final view of the Puy-du-Dôme at sunset as my bus left Clermont.

In my final week au travail I got to say goodbye to all the pupils I had worked with during my placement. I brought in some shortbread for them to try and played a game of vrai ou faux about l’Ecosse with them. Lots of my pupils gave me cards or pictures they had designed to say goodbye. It was très mignon !

During my final week in Clermont I took part in some ‘English Days’ as part of my job as an ELA. These consisted of going to schools who didn’t have the opportunity to have an English Language Assistant, and leading workshops for small groups. Each workshop consisted of a different game, arts & crafts project, or story, and the goal was to only speak English to the pupils and have them understand. For example, one of the workshops I led was an arts & crafts activity of making fortune tellers, but giving the instructions on how to make it only in English!

In my last few days in Clermont I tried to really profite bien de la ville, as well as spending as much time as possible with the friends I had made during my time there! We climbed the famous puy-du-dôme volcano for a final time, and since Clermont is home to the Michelin company, we visited the Michelin museum for the first time.

Overall I had an amazing time living in Clermont! I really enjoyed my work as an English Language Assistant and developed some invaluable skills. I met so many new people from all over the world, including some friends for life. I also tried lots of new things, such as skiing, and hiking in the snow! Taking a year abroad is something I would really recommend to anyone who can.

Et voilà – c’est fini ! I hope you have enjoyed this blog entry and following along my time in Clermont-Ferrand with me. Stay tuned for the next blog post about my travels in the sud de la France. À bientôt !

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